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Cant drag and drop in minecraft!

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I just started minecraft. I punched a tree down kill a few pigs and cows and tried to arrange my inventory but every time I clicked something it automatically jumped form inventory to little bar, and when clicked again in jumped to the inventory. I cant drag any items so i cant craft anything cause I cant drag anything into the crafting box. What should I do?

Im running Mac OS X Lion, and the downloaded version, and I cant use the browser version because of flash or Java issues.

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if you have this problem log out of minecraft and exit out of it and then just open it again it should work

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staticfactory [ Editor ]

This is a bug with the client that seems to occur after the game window is re-sized while playing.

Simply exit your client completely and re-launch the game and you should be fine.

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feliciacira from Reno, United States of America

I know what your guy’s problem is and it isn’t a bug! That sometimes happens ingame with me, and all you need to do is hit your shift key. Most of the time it’s the one on my right, but sometimes the left. Hit it once, then try to drag something. If it doesn’t work then hit the other shift key.

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